What Is Pub Quiz?

Pub Quiz is a team trivia event that began in England as a way for bar owners to bring in crowds on slow nights. Teams of varying size compete with one another to acheive the highest quiz score. The quiz itself consists of a series of questions on topics from pop culture to academic subjects. Questions are often grouped into rounds that may or may not have themes (“music round”, “current events round”, etc.). The questions are asked by the host or quiz master who may have written the quiz him/herself or, alternatively, bought the questions from a service. Besides bragging rights, the winning team earns a small but appropriate prize, such as a bottle of scotch or free food and drink. As with much of British culture, Pub Quiz has been exported to the rest of the world.

The Quiz at O’Briens Irish Pub in Santa Monica

Our humble variant owes its start to the ex-patriate Brits who began a quiz at the Firehouse at the corner of Main and Rose in Santa Monica in the 1990s. It moved to its current home in 1998, where it has been held every Wednesday night since (holiday periods excepted), making it the longest running weekly trivia event in the Los Angeles area. Regular players have used the Pub Quiz as preparation for Jeopardy. Several have even won! But most players come together to enjoy food, drink, friendly competition and, more than anything, a good evening’s entertainment.